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March 6th, 2010

02:28 am - Alice in Wonderland movie & social
Just got back from watching Alice in Wonderland (the second part = Through the looking glass) and then attending a social hosted by the English students union with an Alice in Wonderland theme!

The movie itself was really good. They did a good job of portraying the Red Queen and the "terror" she held over the citizens in Wonderland. The White queen was kind of blah though. I don't think Anne Hathaway was a good cast choice for the White Queen because even though she did Princess Diaries and all those 'queenly' movies, she didn't seem to have the benevolent vibe that the White Queen was supposed to have. Johnny Depp did an AMAZING job as the Mad Hatter, and his scenes were extremely intense; especially when involved with Alice.

The artwork was definitely really pretty, and I'm glad I didn't watch it in 3D because I heard that that was kind of lackluster - the only good 3D scene was the falling down the rabbit hole. I also enjoyed the scene at the beginning with the eat me and drink me captions - very creative!

Despite most people's opinions, I also actually enjoyed the real world scenes as well. Having always been interested in 19th century and Victorian era-style; I loved looking at the hairstyles, clothing and dance styles of the 19th century! I find it interesting how much society has changed since then...no more corsets, no more "expectant marriages", no more needing to marry by the age of 20 - now everyone marries so much older! What a difference.


After the movie, I headed to Hart House for the cocktail social hosted by ESU. I got there just in time to hear the speaker lecture about Alice in Wonderland (essentially what I learned already in Children't Lit class and through reading the Norton Anthology). Despite all, he did a good job and entertained the crowd for a while. Afterwards, it was just trivia, mingling and a costume judging. I met some new people, which was really nice and ate lots of desserts, fruit and candy! There were really cute cupcakes that were made, as well as nanaimo bars that said EAT ME and a sign in front of the bar that said DRINK ME =)

There were lots of vendors at the social selling Alice in wonderland merchandise as well, and I hope I didn't miss an opportunity to get a rare print! They also had T-shirts being made and various other print to sell. Very commercial, but at least half of it went to the Children's Literacy charity!

The decorations in the room were creative --> a giant cake, mushrooms, and candy tables all around. The projector was in the middle of the room and there was a giant floor for the contest judging. I was afraid the room would have been too tiny to really have fun, but the cozy atmosphere of the tiny room and the friendly people caused it turn out perfectly =) Overall a good evening to be had!

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February 6th, 2010

01:49 am - Clubbing first time
Friday was my first-time going clubbing with a group of friends, and maybe it was because I was so highly anticipating having a good time at the club, that the whole event failed to interest me. We went to Mink nightclub, across from Smoke's Poutinerie and spent around ~3 hours there. Being quite silly, we left the pre-drinking venue early and arrived at the club by 10:30. Ladies got in free so that was good, but the club was so empty! No one was dancing, and we all just stood around looking at each other until about 11:30-ish when people actually started coming.

The dance floor was packed by around that time and no longer was it freezing cold! The majority of people there seemed to be south asian and black (for lack of a better term...). There were very few asians and a good assortment of whites (again, lack of better term). Some of the guys were quite persistent in trying to get girls to dance with them and would try again and again even when refused! Ugh gross.

I couldn't really stand watching a certain two people dance extremely closely on the dance floor....but neverthess...

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December 2nd, 2009

11:53 pm - Kpop
So for those of you on my list that are into Kpop, could you please recommend me some songs? I prefer the less dance-y, more ballad types. I recently heard Big Bang's Haru Haru again (yes I know it's old) and want to find more music like that. I've been out of the Korean music scene for so long that I don't know what's out there anymore, so any help would be very much appreciated! =D

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November 29th, 2009

03:52 am - Warehouse sale 1: AA rummage sale
Went to my first warehouse clothing sale today! It was the rummage sale for American Apparel with prices up to 85% off! The line was crazy long on Friday so I decided not to brave the sale that day, but I took a trip downtown today to check out the line again and since it was around the evening, the line wasn't too bad! I waited only about 30-40 min to get inside, which is pretty good for any sort of shopping line.

Inside the room, it definitely looked like a rummage sale. There were clothes hanging on the racks, but the majority of the good stuff was clothes found lying on the floor in bins, in a corner, or at the back of the room. Since they only let a few people in a time, it wasn't very crowded inside, but things were hard to find because people would be "rummaging" really fast. The longest wait was for the changeroom, but that was a necessity because I needed to try on the clothes. In the end, I spent $60+tax, and bought: 3 leggings, 1 thermal shirt, a pair of pink denim, a skirt and a cardigan. That's a pretty good deal for the amount I got - I'm particularly happy with the pink denim because the price said $20, but I got it for $10, yay <3

I'm sad that I missed the UK Designer clothing sale =( I kind of want to go to the Miko's Toy Warehouse sale, I wish I had a car!

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November 23rd, 2009

02:46 pm - fdsjlkdfjldfs....
Boys are stupid, they can go burn in sawdust.

Why must people always be so unreliable? If you know you can't perform the favour you offered to someone, then at least have the courtesy to let them know! The worst thing in the world is sending texts/waiting and hoping that the person will follow through with his promise, and ending up wasting a lot of time because of that. Not to mention worrying if something happened to this person or just wondering how they can be so rude. With no real constant contact, it's so difficult to figure out what they're thinking and I hate feeling so confused about what they want - I'm not a mind reader! :@
Current Mood: annoyedannoyed

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November 12th, 2009

02:38 pm - Academic references, so happy =D

It's a great thing when professors are willing to write you reference letters, especially for me, a student who doesn't usually participate in class discussions and usually doesn't do that well when it comes to school assignments T_T That being said, 3 out of 3 professors that I asked said yes to me and I'm really happy to see that UofT has such nice professors! 

I asked my Chinese professor after class, and was surprised she said yes since I've only been in that class for ~2 months. She seems to like me though, and remembers me even though I'm not in her tutorial, so that's a good sign!
Two of the English professors I had last year also said yes to me when I e-mailed them the request. My 19th century American literature professor said she remembered me because I used to send her e-mails pertaining to our class discussions (participation marks!) and my ENG328Y modern fiction professor said he did as well

But now I just have to send them the information so they can write me the reference letter, put the application all together, write my essay and submit my JET application!

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September 20th, 2009

01:03 am - Daily Finds
As I was cleaning out the drawers in one of the junk drawers's in my house, I found that my sister had thrown in with her old junk school stuff, a book from the library, which I paid for because I thought it was lost. FML.

It was my birthday a few days ago, and I realized that the only good thing about turning a year older is that Nick Jonas i(same birthday!) s officially also now a year older =P

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August 31st, 2009

01:53 am - Everyone's allergic to....Poison Ivy

Jonas Brothers concert experience:

As I type this entry about the JB concert, my ears are still ringing from all the screaming, singing and music that made the concert enjoyable. Today was a full-out Jonas day, and I intend to make my happiness last as long as possible by writing out my experience.

The day started with a journey down to Muchmusic on Queen street to see the Jonas Brothers and Honour Society interview. I got there right before it started and managed to navigate myself to a good area where I could somewhat see (them). A while later, I noticed a metal bench surrounding one of the sound poles and saw that many girls had already hoisted themselves onto this bench to get a better view. Therefore, when the crowd started to thin (as people kept on moving to get as much Jonas time as possible), I seized the opportunity to weasel myself in with the other girls trying to take pictures. I guess people didn't mind because my height (or lack of) hardly prevented anyone from seeing over my head, and as a result, I got really good close-up pictures of the boys when they came out to greet the audience! Some memorable scenes from Muchmusic: Nick's the momma's boy (aww), Nick's accidental headbutt, Joe's rap.

After the Muchmusic special, which ended at 4pm, we had time to kill before the concert (which started at 7:30), so we went shopping! There's nothing like spending money on clothes to get you pumped up for a Jonas Brothers concert. Urban Planet was having a friends and family sale, and I ended up buyiing a dress, a jacket and a tank-top. I kind of regret not getting the other stuff because the sale was really good, but when the cashier told me my total was $90, I panicked and said i didn't want half the items I chose. Oh well, next time.

Around 6:30, we decided to head over to the Rogers Centre to line up to get in for the concert. Imagine our shock when we got there and saw the huge crowds of people already waiting in line. We quickly got into a line, and after 1 hour of snail-pace moving, we got into the centre - late. We had missed the opening act of Honour Society (good thing we got to see them at Much), and JUST made it in time to see the Wondergirls, whose 10 minute stint on stage allowed them to perform Nobody and promote their new album. Jordin Sparks was the next act, and while her songs are good, her voice was too weak to project in the echoey nature of the Rogers Centre, and she came across as sounding strained and lacking energy.

Finally, after much waiting, the Jonas Brothers FINALLY came out on stage around 9-9:30pm. They opened up the crowd with a playing of Paranoid, and went on to play a 100-minute set, which came with lots of water, acrobatics and loud screaming fans. Luckily, they played all my favourite songs, including: When you look me in the eyes, Lovebug, BB Good, Year 3000, and the encore of Burnin Up. Nick took a turn at the piano and played a bit of Black Keys and A Little Bit Longer, and then began a long speech about his struggle for diabetes. His speech, while very touching, seemed very robotic and practiced, like he had recited it many times before. Therefore, while I do believe in his motto: to never let diabetes slow him down; I didn't really feel sad at the fact that he has diabetes. I guess it's because he seems so normal and perfect that it's hard for me to believe that his illness is really an illness; he makes it look so simple. I'm not sure whether or not he was actually playing the piano, but either way, he looked amazingly handsome doing so, so that was one of the highlights of the concert. He also played the drums for one of the songs, and constantly played the guitar and sang; proving that he is, indeed, multi-talented!

Some surprise songs they played were the ones from Camp Rock and J.O.N.A.S. as I just assumed they were going to play songs from their latest album. Instead, they played Keep It Real, Play My Music, Live to Party, etc. and Joe even sang his solo "Gotta Find You", and then launched into the duet with none other than surprise star, Demi Lovato!! I was not anticipating her arrival at all and was ecstatic to see her on stage. She's an amazing singer, and had great stage prescence with her new look. Play My Music was great with Kevin's guitar spin and Nick and Joe's backflips and made it a nice surprise.

They started a cover of Black Eyed Peas "I gotta Feeling", and just when I thought they were going to sing all the way through, they launched into a cover of Tonight instead! They also covered some songs for the older generation and Kevin did a stint with rain and an umbrella to sing an oldie (Sweet Carolina?). The rain and water theme however, was evident throughout the rest of the concert, with Joe and Nick once again, hosing the audience down with white foam/water as they sailed through the crowd.

The concert ended with an encore of Burnin' Up (they played it! yesss) and a Thank you Toronto. We stuck around the concert venue for like an hour after the concert, trying to see if we could catch a glimpse of the Jonas Brothers, but all we ended up seeing was Honor Society and the Wondergirls. We both bought copies of the program even though it was $25 (but included really nice pictures!), and then stalked the Wondergirls and even got to see JY, their manager! Unfortunately, we couldn't get any pictures with any of them but it was really great seeing them so close! They're so short but really pretty in real life. They had such sparkly eyelashes and sparkly dresses O_O They seemed really pleasant though, so that was nice!  All in all, it was a fun-filled Jonas evening! Expensive,  but totally worth it <3

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August 28th, 2009

12:10 am - The power of spending

Expensive purchases make me happy. I was shopping at the Shops at Don Mills (high-end outdoor shopping centre at Don Mills/Lawrence) with my friend, and decided to check out BCBGMaxazria because I think the clothes there are so beautiful, albeit expensive. I spotted a dress I quite liked, which was incidentally 50% off, and decided to try it out just for fun, since even with the discount, it was $169. To my surprise, I realized it looked really good on  me when I tried it (bonus that I could fit into a size smaller than I normally do =P), and suddenly I was very tempted to buy it. Therefore, with much urging from my friend and the saleswoman, I decided to purchase this expensive LBD because 1) it looked really good; 2) it was clasically beautiful and 3) I had  always been wanting something from their store. Plus the formality of the dress meant that it could be worn on more than one occasion; I felt like Meg in Little Women, when she bought her first silk (which was NOT made or trimmed), because she believed that this silk could be worn with any fancy party occasion. And yes, my dress is also made of silk =)

Here's a link to the dress:


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July 21st, 2009

11:53 pm - Camping!
Back from camping! I think I have more than 15 mosquito bites in various parts of my body. I actually think I have a mosquito bite on every part of my body except for my foot, which is good because I dont' have to find it painful to walk, unlike my brother and cousin. I do have one painful one on my stomach/waist where my pants sit, and now it's all bruised because of the pressure of the mosquito bite rubbing against my jeans. Nevertheless, camping was super duper fun! It rained for 3/5 days that we were there, but we made the most out of the little bit of sun we had, going hiking, canoeing, and having a campfire cookout, complete with marshmallows.

Since we went with my uncle's family, the two families spent a lot of time together, particularly near the end; and my siblings and I would go to my cousins' tent to play cards almost every night. We ended up staying until 12am for two of the nights, and had to walk back to our campsite in the dark. The first night, it was raining really hard, and my sister and I had forgotten to bring an umbrella; eventually the rain became a lighter, and we seized the opportunity to borrow my cousin's flashlight and umbrella and run back to our tent in the dark. It was so dark that it was quite scary though. The second night, we were there with our little brothers, and we all had to go to the washroom after we finished our card games. Walking to the bathroom (which was some areas away) was interesting in the dark, but of course, scary at the same time, especially because of the bugs and the rain. We left bright and early in the morning, and packing up the tent again was such a hassle. As a result of all the rain, there was mud and water everywhere, and lots of cleaning had to be done before we could pack the tent up. That's the downside to camping - the packing up again.

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