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July 21st, 2009

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11:53 pm - Camping!
Back from camping! I think I have more than 15 mosquito bites in various parts of my body. I actually think I have a mosquito bite on every part of my body except for my foot, which is good because I dont' have to find it painful to walk, unlike my brother and cousin. I do have one painful one on my stomach/waist where my pants sit, and now it's all bruised because of the pressure of the mosquito bite rubbing against my jeans. Nevertheless, camping was super duper fun! It rained for 3/5 days that we were there, but we made the most out of the little bit of sun we had, going hiking, canoeing, and having a campfire cookout, complete with marshmallows.

Since we went with my uncle's family, the two families spent a lot of time together, particularly near the end; and my siblings and I would go to my cousins' tent to play cards almost every night. We ended up staying until 12am for two of the nights, and had to walk back to our campsite in the dark. The first night, it was raining really hard, and my sister and I had forgotten to bring an umbrella; eventually the rain became a lighter, and we seized the opportunity to borrow my cousin's flashlight and umbrella and run back to our tent in the dark. It was so dark that it was quite scary though. The second night, we were there with our little brothers, and we all had to go to the washroom after we finished our card games. Walking to the bathroom (which was some areas away) was interesting in the dark, but of course, scary at the same time, especially because of the bugs and the rain. We left bright and early in the morning, and packing up the tent again was such a hassle. As a result of all the rain, there was mud and water everywhere, and lots of cleaning had to be done before we could pack the tent up. That's the downside to camping - the packing up again.

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