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Everyone's allergic to....Poison Ivy - Memories of an Endless Story

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August 31st, 2009

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01:53 am - Everyone's allergic to....Poison Ivy

Jonas Brothers concert experience:

As I type this entry about the JB concert, my ears are still ringing from all the screaming, singing and music that made the concert enjoyable. Today was a full-out Jonas day, and I intend to make my happiness last as long as possible by writing out my experience.

The day started with a journey down to Muchmusic on Queen street to see the Jonas Brothers and Honour Society interview. I got there right before it started and managed to navigate myself to a good area where I could somewhat see (them). A while later, I noticed a metal bench surrounding one of the sound poles and saw that many girls had already hoisted themselves onto this bench to get a better view. Therefore, when the crowd started to thin (as people kept on moving to get as much Jonas time as possible), I seized the opportunity to weasel myself in with the other girls trying to take pictures. I guess people didn't mind because my height (or lack of) hardly prevented anyone from seeing over my head, and as a result, I got really good close-up pictures of the boys when they came out to greet the audience! Some memorable scenes from Muchmusic: Nick's the momma's boy (aww), Nick's accidental headbutt, Joe's rap.

After the Muchmusic special, which ended at 4pm, we had time to kill before the concert (which started at 7:30), so we went shopping! There's nothing like spending money on clothes to get you pumped up for a Jonas Brothers concert. Urban Planet was having a friends and family sale, and I ended up buyiing a dress, a jacket and a tank-top. I kind of regret not getting the other stuff because the sale was really good, but when the cashier told me my total was $90, I panicked and said i didn't want half the items I chose. Oh well, next time.

Around 6:30, we decided to head over to the Rogers Centre to line up to get in for the concert. Imagine our shock when we got there and saw the huge crowds of people already waiting in line. We quickly got into a line, and after 1 hour of snail-pace moving, we got into the centre - late. We had missed the opening act of Honour Society (good thing we got to see them at Much), and JUST made it in time to see the Wondergirls, whose 10 minute stint on stage allowed them to perform Nobody and promote their new album. Jordin Sparks was the next act, and while her songs are good, her voice was too weak to project in the echoey nature of the Rogers Centre, and she came across as sounding strained and lacking energy.

Finally, after much waiting, the Jonas Brothers FINALLY came out on stage around 9-9:30pm. They opened up the crowd with a playing of Paranoid, and went on to play a 100-minute set, which came with lots of water, acrobatics and loud screaming fans. Luckily, they played all my favourite songs, including: When you look me in the eyes, Lovebug, BB Good, Year 3000, and the encore of Burnin Up. Nick took a turn at the piano and played a bit of Black Keys and A Little Bit Longer, and then began a long speech about his struggle for diabetes. His speech, while very touching, seemed very robotic and practiced, like he had recited it many times before. Therefore, while I do believe in his motto: to never let diabetes slow him down; I didn't really feel sad at the fact that he has diabetes. I guess it's because he seems so normal and perfect that it's hard for me to believe that his illness is really an illness; he makes it look so simple. I'm not sure whether or not he was actually playing the piano, but either way, he looked amazingly handsome doing so, so that was one of the highlights of the concert. He also played the drums for one of the songs, and constantly played the guitar and sang; proving that he is, indeed, multi-talented!

Some surprise songs they played were the ones from Camp Rock and J.O.N.A.S. as I just assumed they were going to play songs from their latest album. Instead, they played Keep It Real, Play My Music, Live to Party, etc. and Joe even sang his solo "Gotta Find You", and then launched into the duet with none other than surprise star, Demi Lovato!! I was not anticipating her arrival at all and was ecstatic to see her on stage. She's an amazing singer, and had great stage prescence with her new look. Play My Music was great with Kevin's guitar spin and Nick and Joe's backflips and made it a nice surprise.

They started a cover of Black Eyed Peas "I gotta Feeling", and just when I thought they were going to sing all the way through, they launched into a cover of Tonight instead! They also covered some songs for the older generation and Kevin did a stint with rain and an umbrella to sing an oldie (Sweet Carolina?). The rain and water theme however, was evident throughout the rest of the concert, with Joe and Nick once again, hosing the audience down with white foam/water as they sailed through the crowd.

The concert ended with an encore of Burnin' Up (they played it! yesss) and a Thank you Toronto. We stuck around the concert venue for like an hour after the concert, trying to see if we could catch a glimpse of the Jonas Brothers, but all we ended up seeing was Honor Society and the Wondergirls. We both bought copies of the program even though it was $25 (but included really nice pictures!), and then stalked the Wondergirls and even got to see JY, their manager! Unfortunately, we couldn't get any pictures with any of them but it was really great seeing them so close! They're so short but really pretty in real life. They had such sparkly eyelashes and sparkly dresses O_O They seemed really pleasant though, so that was nice!  All in all, it was a fun-filled Jonas evening! Expensive,  but totally worth it <3

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