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Warehouse sale 1: AA rummage sale - Memories of an Endless Story

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November 29th, 2009

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03:52 am - Warehouse sale 1: AA rummage sale
Went to my first warehouse clothing sale today! It was the rummage sale for American Apparel with prices up to 85% off! The line was crazy long on Friday so I decided not to brave the sale that day, but I took a trip downtown today to check out the line again and since it was around the evening, the line wasn't too bad! I waited only about 30-40 min to get inside, which is pretty good for any sort of shopping line.

Inside the room, it definitely looked like a rummage sale. There were clothes hanging on the racks, but the majority of the good stuff was clothes found lying on the floor in bins, in a corner, or at the back of the room. Since they only let a few people in a time, it wasn't very crowded inside, but things were hard to find because people would be "rummaging" really fast. The longest wait was for the changeroom, but that was a necessity because I needed to try on the clothes. In the end, I spent $60+tax, and bought: 3 leggings, 1 thermal shirt, a pair of pink denim, a skirt and a cardigan. That's a pretty good deal for the amount I got - I'm particularly happy with the pink denim because the price said $20, but I got it for $10, yay <3

I'm sad that I missed the UK Designer clothing sale =( I kind of want to go to the Miko's Toy Warehouse sale, I wish I had a car!

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Date:November 29th, 2009 09:46 am (UTC)
I guess it was worth going on Saturday evening!
Good job!!
What kind of leggings did you get? were they thick or thin?

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