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February 6th, 2010

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01:49 am - Clubbing first time
Friday was my first-time going clubbing with a group of friends, and maybe it was because I was so highly anticipating having a good time at the club, that the whole event failed to interest me. We went to Mink nightclub, across from Smoke's Poutinerie and spent around ~3 hours there. Being quite silly, we left the pre-drinking venue early and arrived at the club by 10:30. Ladies got in free so that was good, but the club was so empty! No one was dancing, and we all just stood around looking at each other until about 11:30-ish when people actually started coming.

The dance floor was packed by around that time and no longer was it freezing cold! The majority of people there seemed to be south asian and black (for lack of a better term...). There were very few asians and a good assortment of whites (again, lack of better term). Some of the guys were quite persistent in trying to get girls to dance with them and would try again and again even when refused! Ugh gross.

I couldn't really stand watching a certain two people dance extremely closely on the dance floor....but neverthess...

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