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Alice in Wonderland movie & social - Memories of an Endless Story

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March 6th, 2010

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02:28 am - Alice in Wonderland movie & social
Just got back from watching Alice in Wonderland (the second part = Through the looking glass) and then attending a social hosted by the English students union with an Alice in Wonderland theme!

The movie itself was really good. They did a good job of portraying the Red Queen and the "terror" she held over the citizens in Wonderland. The White queen was kind of blah though. I don't think Anne Hathaway was a good cast choice for the White Queen because even though she did Princess Diaries and all those 'queenly' movies, she didn't seem to have the benevolent vibe that the White Queen was supposed to have. Johnny Depp did an AMAZING job as the Mad Hatter, and his scenes were extremely intense; especially when involved with Alice.

The artwork was definitely really pretty, and I'm glad I didn't watch it in 3D because I heard that that was kind of lackluster - the only good 3D scene was the falling down the rabbit hole. I also enjoyed the scene at the beginning with the eat me and drink me captions - very creative!

Despite most people's opinions, I also actually enjoyed the real world scenes as well. Having always been interested in 19th century and Victorian era-style; I loved looking at the hairstyles, clothing and dance styles of the 19th century! I find it interesting how much society has changed since then...no more corsets, no more "expectant marriages", no more needing to marry by the age of 20 - now everyone marries so much older! What a difference.


After the movie, I headed to Hart House for the cocktail social hosted by ESU. I got there just in time to hear the speaker lecture about Alice in Wonderland (essentially what I learned already in Children't Lit class and through reading the Norton Anthology). Despite all, he did a good job and entertained the crowd for a while. Afterwards, it was just trivia, mingling and a costume judging. I met some new people, which was really nice and ate lots of desserts, fruit and candy! There were really cute cupcakes that were made, as well as nanaimo bars that said EAT ME and a sign in front of the bar that said DRINK ME =)

There were lots of vendors at the social selling Alice in wonderland merchandise as well, and I hope I didn't miss an opportunity to get a rare print! They also had T-shirts being made and various other print to sell. Very commercial, but at least half of it went to the Children's Literacy charity!

The decorations in the room were creative --> a giant cake, mushrooms, and candy tables all around. The projector was in the middle of the room and there was a giant floor for the contest judging. I was afraid the room would have been too tiny to really have fun, but the cozy atmosphere of the tiny room and the friendly people caused it turn out perfectly =) Overall a good evening to be had!

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