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July 14th, 2009

01:57 am - Tags
So this meme thing I got from cruel_disorder  requires me to post on what these 5 words mean to me, so here goes!
Reply to this meme by yelling "Words!" and I will give you five words that remind me of you. Then post them in your LJ and explain what they mean to you.

Cosplay - I've been in the whole cosplay thing since my first anime convention, which was CNAnime, in 2002 I think. Subsequently, I've now been going to the yearly Anime North convention, and I always cosplay when I go. To me, there is no point in going to a convention if you're not going to cosplay. It's a chance to show off your your (or someone else's =P) sewing skills, pretend to be someone other than yourself for an entire 3 days, and have your ego inflated when someone asks to take your picture. To date, my favourite cosplay is still Tsukino from Yakitate! Japan (anime/manga about bread) because I think that's one of the few costumes that I wanted to make really badly. The most complicated one definitely was May from Guilty Gear though, because of all the little details it requires (hat, gloves, weapon, shoes, etc.); and hitting people in the head or crotch when carrying around a giant anchor this year was definitely a whole lot of fun!

Asian bangs - I'm not sure about this one. I find that most Asians like to have some sort of bang in their hair. Rarely, do asians do the full middle part as I've seen in other ethnicities, and I don't think I've ever seen an asian in dreadlocks (except BoA). I like side-swept bangs though, because front bangs are hard to pull off if you don't have the nice, asian thin hair.

UT - This has been my home for the last 3-4 years, and now, going into my last year, I need to make sure I get the most of it by throwing myself into my studies and having an active university life. I want to get involved with lots of stuff, and make it so I never forget the university experience! Oh, and cruel_disorder , sorry about running away so abrupty today after getting my T-card. I had to get to class and was already running late ^^;;

Michelle - my sister, whom I initially met a few of my LJ friends through =P

Coffee - Since my morning half courses have ended, I've stopped drinking coffee since I don't have to wake up super early anymore. I'm slowly trying to wean myself off the caffeine need, so that when school starts again, coffee will have the same jump-kick effect on me XD By the way, I had a Tim Hortons Iced Coffee the other day and it was disgusting. Normally I like the taste, but the one made at Spadina/College (for you DT-ers) just tasted like cream D: Horrible. I've been drinking asian coffee mixes in recent days (lots of time uptown), so yeen yeung has started to become really tasty!

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July 10th, 2009

03:02 am - It was good afterall...

I got my bubbletea and karaoke fix =)
With a side dosage of happiness.

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July 9th, 2009

01:10 am - Foot-in-Mouth Syndrome

Sometimes I really wish I wasn't so blunt with my words. I can't begin to count the number of times I've hurt someone or gotten myself or others into really awkward situations because of this problem. I know I'm inclined to being curious, but as the saying goes "curiousity killed the cat"; and today I feel as if I did just that.

Wanting to speed up and remedy a process between two of my friends (in which I thought there was an issue); I asked one friend whether everything was okay now between them. This friend had no inkling of what I was talking about; and being clueless (or feigning it), seemed shocked. I proceeded to tell the friend what I thought they already knew, and got myself into a really awkward situation. Later on that night, I told my other friend what I had said to the friend, and it turned out that the situation had already been emotionally resolved. Howevver, what I did by asking questions was create awkwardness and lots of facepalming from my friend. I also feel that I really hurt them by bringing up old issues; and that is why I feel as if I just "killed the cat"; or in this scenario, a friend.

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June 28th, 2009

09:07 pm - MMVA thoughts

I finally got around to watching the MMVAs, a week late, since I had it backlogged on tivo. The Jonas Brothers were co-hosting this year and I really wanted to go watch, but I had to study for an exam the next day, so I opted to stay home and study instead. That was a good idea. The crowd on TV looked huge and not having a wristband would have resulted in my probably getting a position in which I would not be able to see. Anyway, I was relatively pleased with the detail put into the MMVAs, and it was really enjoyable to watch; especially Lady Gaga's performance! She's such an amazing singer, and her outfit was really nice! I also loved her thank you speech: "To God and the gays"! 

More thoughts on the MMVAsCollapse ) 
All in all, the MMVA was interesting to watch, I learned of a few new interesting songs/artists:
- Nickelback: Gotta be Somebody
- Rise Against
- The Midway state
- Danny Fernandez: Fantasy
And I'll be looking out for these artists! To break out of my bubble-gum pop music ~ =P 

But the Jonas Brothers are still the best!

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June 20th, 2009

07:13 pm - Yes, I care about Disney star relationships...especially the JoBros
Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas are back together again.... .Nooooo, whyyy T__T

According to news reports, Joe Jonas outed their relationship on a taping of Larry King live, and even though I'm not surprised at this revelation, I still can't say I'm not disappointed. As a fan of the Jonas Brothers and other Disney startlets, I've kept myself up to date on the JoBros and others love lives, and was really happy when Nick Jonas & Selena Gomez (Wizards of Waverly place) were rumoured to be dating because she's so cute =3 I don't really like Miley Cyrus though, so I'm not fond of this pairing even though they are probably the ultimate Disney power couple.

But yes, celebrity dating sure can disappoint you sometimes! But that's just the way it rolls~

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June 19th, 2009

02:28 pm - Coffeeee

I think I've become a sort of coffee junkie over the past few weeks. Getting up at 6am on Mondays and Wednesdays while sleeping at 2am has been difficult for me, and I never realized it; but I've become more reliant on coffee to get me through the day. A good cup of medium-sized coffee usually only lasts me a few hours before I go on a coffee crash and tea has little or no effect whatsoever. That being said, my favourite coffee is still the Illy coffee you can get from Marche Richtree (1.89 coffee + muffin for breakfast! = sooo yum), or Second Cup's level 2 blends. I can't take my coffee too strong or it gives me a headache; and I don't like the taste of cream so I don't like it when that's added.

I think my ideal cup of coffee would have either homo milk and honey; or evaporated milk and sugar. The coffee from the chinese restauants are quite good as well, and I really like drinking "yeen yeung" (tea + coffee mix).
Anyone want to tell me how they take their coffee/where their favourite coffee is from? =P

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June 14th, 2009

12:50 pm - I went on the Behemoth!
Wonderland was yesterday and I had the most amazing time! We went with a small group, because there were a limited number of tickets (it included free lunch), and the people that went were all so much fun =D We started the day early and got there around 11am, and left around 8pm. We went on Top Gun first, then Tomb Raider, then Behemoth, then lunch, then Spongebob, the Vortex, and some tamer rides.. I can't believe I actually went on Behemoth! It was the first time I ever went on such a scary roller-coaster, and while I was frightened out of my mind, I'm glad my friends persuaded me to go on! It's a 75 degree drop (that's 15 degrees shy of completely straight!), and has a height of 230 ft (yes I looked up details). The feeling as I was headed up the hill was terrifying and I screamed the entire ride through. I dont' think I've ever screamed so much in a ride in my entire life. My friend who I had persuaded to go on the ride with me even though she was afraid as well thought it was amusing that she was more scared than me initially, yet I was the one that screamed the most. After that, she said the roller coaster broke her, and anything else after it seemed tame.

The most fun ride was probably the Tomb Raider (where you lie down), and Thunder Run was cool as well. We went on mostly roller coasters though, as I guess that's what most people go to amusement parks for. We also hunted around for places that had Pokemon plushies to win, as they looked really cool! (Especially the Turtwig, sooo awesome *_*). Lunch was all you can eat hot dogs and hamburgers, and we had funnel cake as well. The Spongebob movie was interesting because two of my friends hated spongebob, and made fun of the movie the entire time. I personally felt the ride was a bit too jerky, but still fun even though I've seen it many times already and I don't really like Spongebob.

I'm proud of myself for going on Behemoth though and conquering that big fear. That's another goal to check off my life checklist!

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June 5th, 2009

11:45 pm - Silly Boys and their Toys
Today i went to Lovegetty (the arcade at Commerce Gate) for the first time. I've observed it many times before, but never went in, so this time actually spending time in there was quite amusing and fun. The only game I played was Typing of the Dead, which was pretty cool because you essentially type to kill zombies! 25x2=50 cents --> I definitely will go back and try that game again someday.

It was interesting to see the demographic in the arcade though! The only girls that were actually in there to play was my group (about 6 girls), and the remaining population was all guys. The other "girls" in there were either with their boyfriends or there to take sticker pictures on that $9 overpriced machine ;_; The guys were extremely engrossed in the video games before them, with popular stations including Guilty Gear, BlazBlue, MvC2, and Street Fighter. In order to maintain equality and fair play in the games, they would line up behind each station to make sure they get a chance to go on, and play until they lose the match. You do have to keep your place in line though, because if you move, there's plenty of people clamoring to take the spot!

Other less-popular attractions included Taiko drums, Initial D racing, horse-racing (interesting..), and shooting games. There was a Gundam row of games too, and we decided to take a picture of the guys hugging the machines to show to our friend who wasn't able to make it to the arcade. How silly =P

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June 4th, 2009

11:33 pm - The secret, daily journal.


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June 1st, 2009

08:26 pm - Random trivia I've learned about myself

- I don't like it when people use my stuff without my permission...I get really anal about this...

- I like eating bread, cereal, vegetables, and other "light-tasting" snacks. I'm not really a fan of meat! =O

- Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and my favourite. I love waking up with a growling stomach.

- Ribbons and hair-bands a la Blair Waldorf <3

- I like to take walks when I'm angry/annoyed. It's my pep talk time.

- I'm a big stress-eater =x When I'm stressed (or prorastinating stressed), I tend to look for food to munch on. I guess it's a way to "waste" time and I don't have to think when I'm eating at those times, I just cram it all in.

- I'm a bit of a lone wolf. I really value my alone time and I don't like to constantly be surrounded by people, especially when I'm shopping, studying, and even watching TV.

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